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The Hub Theatre website has been developed to conform to the W3C accessibility guidelines for level AA compliance. We have endeavoured to conform to all the presented guidelines in Level AA wherever possible. It has not been possible to make all pages fully compliant as many of the issues in the WCAG 1.0 guidelines are subjective and in some cases we have taken an objective view. We have also taken care to ensure that the pages on this website have been checked by the W3C Markup Validation Service for conformance to W3C recommendations and standards.

Browser Compatibility

The Hub Theatre website is designed for and has been tested in the following browsers: Internet Explorer 6(minimum support as this is an outdated browser) 7 and 8 for PC, Opera 9 (PC & Mac), Firefox 3 (PC & Mac), and Safari 2.0 (Mac).

Text size

Text size can be altered in all browsers e.g. in Internet Explorer use View > Text Size. Medium size text is recommended.

Style Sheets

In modern browsers like Firefox, style sheets for this site can be manually turned off. This removes all formatting of pages and reads as text only, removing all background images. e.g. in Firefox go to View > Page Style > No Style.

Access Keys - Navigating the site

This website uses Access Keys to act as shortcuts to important information on the site. To access these shortcuts press ALT+(key from below)+Enter for windows or CTRL+(key from below) for Mac:

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